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HobbyForce is now part of the HobbyTown family!

So what has changed?

Not that much really, we still have the same owner, same employees, same great products, and same outstanding service. We're still a locally owned independant retailer.

What does the relationship with HobbyTown mean?

We now have access to many exclusive product lines such as Firelands RC vehicles and Ares RC aircraft. We're also able to carry favorite products such as Legos, Bondic, Metal Earth, Gundam models, and more!

Stop by and get set up on our new customer loyalty program... you'll get a $5 coupon for each $100 in purchases. And they add up too... if you buy a $400 RC car, you'll get $20 in coupons good for your next visit.

Plus HobbyTown gift cards can be used in any HobbyTown store in the country.

Click here to go to the HobbyTown web site to check out our products.




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